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Have A Look At Our Other Pages In The Left Column... As Your Rooms & Lodgings Are Just A Click Away !

WELCOME ~ Adventures are always fun and well, being in a new city is exciting... Right ?

Please countinue to read our HOME PAGE and take notice of the choices in the LEFT column for quick reviews of other pages associated with this network of services offered to you today for FREE, we update our pages regularly and errors do occure, as we are human too...

We are the premiere ALL-WELCOME* lodging reservation directory with a SIMPLE FORM booking service offered to you with no fees. Our service is also available in a FEW languages but mostly in English and French, do ask in your FIRST message about these services. We are open daily on a seasonal 24-hrs schudule on the INTERNET to assist you, but to avoid confusion with our E-mail filters, send a CLEAR SUBJECT line message too.

Otherwise, you could expect a brief delay to your request, because of the many unclear requests we recieve asking for replies sent back. Most of our regular clients have reserved well inadvance during the local HIGH SEASON and any other busy year-round festival or special event. Now then, what are you planning to ATTEND this time around or possibly for the very FIRST time maybe ?

You may choose to review our SIMPLE SITE and then let us know how we can help you out today, even if your only asking or very new to all of this too. We will WELCOME you each time with joy and much enthusiasm to show you OUR CITY from the side of the locals or as a visiting GLOBETROTTER traveller. You might or not be in need of one of our one of a kind tours around town and if you wish, a special one or as we say, a "CUSTOM Arranged - MADE in Advance" - your personalized tours. They can be arranged directly with CityTourGuides.ca for your very own guided tour of the city and they are also offered with few limitations to most scheduled times of YOUR VISIT too...

Good day to you all OUR new friends with us today and Bon Voyage to you all !

*An active member with-in the local GLBTD community, we are also a very proud owned and operated Canadian gay service in business since 1984 exclusively in Canada !

"The world of travel is with-in reach to you - even from deep gay space or the local mountain lookout..." © The SPY


Photo: Montréal's downtown, as seen from the mountain lookout with the mountains in the USA in the distance.


Thanks to all the fun OUTgames participants, see you in Copenhagen 2009 !

Remember that many "Circuit Party" events are held all year round, so ask...

C.A.N. Reservations (1984)
Montreal (Quebec) CANADA

Your Rooms & Lodgings Service -An All-Welcome Network

It will be our pleasure to serve you in the near future. Our customer service team is awaiting your Email reply.

Il nous fera plaisir de vous servir en francais. Notre equipe au service de clientele est en attente de reponse de votre courriel. Merci d'aujourd'hui !

Welcome to our weblinks:
SKYPE: CanReserve (message 24/7).
Twitter: Twitter.com/CANreservations
Internet: www.CAN-Reservations.info



Cachet Accommodations Network ® (CAN) is your #1 best contact service for rooms & lodgings in Montréal. Since 1984 ~ An all-friendly gay owned & operated business. We really do only have the nicest and cleanest quality locations in and around the 'Village Gay' area, plus some close to the downtown core too.

All places are near the efficient local public transit Métro (subway) & bus system for your travels with-in the Montréal area. Ask about our local Montreal gay scene information and room booking services with alot of details especially arranged for any GLBTD community members or all-welcome first time travellers and our long-time visitors alike...

Plan for a safe travel trip and contact our gay service before you leave your home or when you arrive in town !!!

Review more details below and also see our other 3 pages to the upper left...

The recent OUTgames in 2006 brought close to 12,000 athletes and was a huge success in the eyes of the OUTgames Organization in Montreal with all three levels of government joining together with Canada's national airline, rail, bus & other networks. This first time ever worldwide event attracted over 250,000 visitors to enjoy our local pride festivals, the sporting plus cultural events and a huge international gay conference. We all joined in harmony, pride, grace and peace for the whole world to see us join together to enjoy our city like never before !

Welcome To Our City ~ Enjoy Your Stay !

Founded in 1984 by CAN Reservations
All registered global rights are reserved.

© copyright world-wide by CAN Reservations
Cachet Accommodations Network (CAN)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Welcome To Our Home Page

For many rooms & short-term lodgings...


WHO: we are a "Gay Owned & Operated Network" with gay and gay-friendly places for everyone to stay at & enjoy...

WHAT: pets allowed at some locations plus Montréal is open all-year-round for your personal gay-fun-times...

WHERE: in the downtown area & Gay Village and beyond...

WHEN: for any of your trip ideas ???

WHY: great city adventures, rent bikes, play golf, go mountain hiking, plenty of shopping, summer swimming & winter snow sports & lots more too...

business & group events, GLBTD honeymoons, peaceful getaways, romantic escapes, GLBTD social clubs and all of your travel plans to our city...

Amenities c/w services and single, double, queen & king beds with private bathroom, dial-out phone / internet hook-up (extra), TV, AC (summer) plus fridge in some rooms. Ask for details okay...



~ Do Ask About PAYPAL Services ~

visit website: http://www.paypal.com

We welcome you to visit our local gay community service website for Montréal and do take special note that the click ads on all the pages are not ours at all. Take a look at them, then return to this 100% gay community supported website for your personalized booking service. Each of our locations we reserve with have been selected for your gay travel needs while you visit our great city too.

Thanks from your reps at C.A.N. Services !


Graphic from MyGen




(read our contact page)

We are open daily by phone from only 9am to 12pm (noon) ESTime or please leave us a message at any other time of the day. Our quick 24 hour E-mail service can reply to you at all times of the day.

NOTE: to receive our direct phone number please send us yours, plus note that all return phone calls from messages are returned to you collect. For other ways to reach us see the "Contact Page" or just send a detailed E-mail with your request(s).

::: Our Main Office E-mail Address :::

can DOT reservations @ gmail DOT com

We do appreciate the time you’ve taken to send us your message. All of the E-mails are read by a human being and if you requested an answer, someone will respond as soon as possible. That also means we are not responsible for lost or/and misdirected E-mail messages sent over the global internet. Our Email services are very secure but remember that messages you are sending to our team may be intercepted by others before it is received by our own offices, so we cannot guarantee the privacy or delivery of email that your send either. Please allow us sometime to get back to you also okay ?

- Click here to Book a room Now -

For your lodging bookings and any of the "Circuit Parties" in Montreal ~ After submitting your written request, you will be sent and provided with an E-mail address to use to make inquires about your detailed reservation requests. Our very qualified and friendly local agents are available to answer questions about your reservations almost 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year (including most holidays). If you have a question about a reservation that you have made with us recently or in the past, please E-mail our travel specialists directly at our main office in Montreal (QC) Canada. Thank you !

can DOT reservations @ gmail DOT com

Reserve Now for the best selection !!!
Use our special E-mail for all requests.

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