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To enquire about renting a place, contact us now !

Our Reservation Conditions:

  1. To request availabilities, please E-mail our service the dates you are interested in for your visit.
  2. Upon receipt of your request we will get in-touch with you and (the availability permitting) initiate your booking as soon as possible. We will then send out your reservation details, so please be ready and read it carefully. By making a booking, you implicitly acknowledge that you have browsed through our official website, in particular, that you will have read the property description we have sent to you and their rental agreement, plus that you agree with all the latter's provisions. You will be asked to sign it upon arrival and be issued their payment statement for your rental location at the location mentioned in our reply to you in our E-mail reservation message.
  3. Most places accept payments in cash and also major Credit Card payments through an onsite inhouse secure connection to their bank, in either Canadian or US dollars (vist a local bank for other currency funds).
  4. Rates shown at all times or elsewhere are indicative and are subject to change without prior notice depending on availability, the season and exchange rates plus taxes are extra costs. Inquire about rates when checking availability.
  5. A reservation security deposit is payable upon any reservation taken and is not refundable. We advise you to purchase a cancellation insurance policy with your own local travel agent before you contact our reservation service.
  6. The rental balance is payable prior to your arrival date and refunded only if the cancellation occurs at least six (6) weeks prior to the exact arrival date plus is paid with the consent of the property owners.
  7. Failure to settle the reservations balance upon arrival might and will possibly cancel any booking. All sums paid to the owners will be acceptable and appreciated by our reservation service, plus if we previosly agreed upon this method.
  8. Sorry pets are not allowed and no smoking on property, unless otherwise permitted by your accommodation owners.

For Availabilites, Bookings and Any Questions:

To request availabilities, for booking or for any information regarding avilabilites or any other questions, please E-mail us at this address ~ can DOT reservations @ gmail DOT com with request details enclosed in your first E-mail message. Thank you !

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A representative will contact you shortly to assist you with your query.


For weather conditions ~ anytime of the day ~ just E-mail us at: can DOT reservations @ gmail DOT com OK !!!



All medium reproduction formats without written permission are prohibited.

We sincerely welcome you to our gay city of Montréal, Québec CANADA

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